L.E.S 1


Please can we meet you?
My name is Oluwatobi Phillip Alli a.k.a DR FEEL.

What lovely names, so what brought about the nick DR FEEL?
Dr because, I read medical science, feel came from my name Phil, in university people were the ones that called me Dr Phil so I upgraded it to Dr feel

Is it okay to call you DR FEEL throughout this interview?
No Problem

So DR FEEL, please tell us what you do presently
I am a pastor, music producer, a rapper and author

Whoa! You’re multi-talented, so you say you’re a pastor
Yes I am

Could you please tell us the name of the church you head?
Inner court house of Glory, 27 Georgious Cole street off college road ifako-ijaiye Lagos.

Okay, let’s come to the rapping side, please tell us the name of your songs sir
well for now, I’ve just done News flakes (Olamide diss), Going home, Fear nothing, World changer to list a few.

Dr. Feel in action

Could you please just show us a little of what you’ve got?
Okay…  I hear they call you badoo, you know where the bad goes? Na hell o!
That you’re the son of the evangelist doesn’t put your name on heaven’s list
I could go on and on but let me stop there (Laughs).

Finally concerning what you do, could you please tell us the name of your books?
Well concerning that, for now there are just two and they’re about to get launched and that is 7 factors to effective Christianity and Dominion

So, DR FEEL you’re a pastor in the morning, rapper in the afternoon and Author at night, how do you balance all these?
I AM WHAT I AM, AND WHAT I AM I WILL BE. Even when am preaching rhythm and rhymes are present, when am rapping I speak the truth that no one wants to say, and in writing all these are also expressed.

Could you please tell us about the life you lived as a teenager, the struggles, hustles, successes, failures, and your dreams as a teenager, the ones you scrapped and the one you’re still working on?
All these questions together, I trust God to answer all. As a teenager, I grew up under a strict Christian home but I was very adventurous, and because I was not bad looking and I am still not bad looking (laughs), I had a lot of girls flocking around me, also because I was in a music group, I was exposed to all kind of things. I struggled with girls (sex), cannabis (weed), cultism affiliation. It became worse when I entered into the university. However, my Christian upbringing still kept me from going overboard, after sometime I became tired of the life, answered several altar calls that made little difference until I had a personal encounter with Jesus in my room and it changed my life and gave my life a total new meaning.
I also wanted to be a known artiste (even though it was the zag list kind) as my first album cover had a photo of a Rasta man smoking a jumbo. Well that’s all.

Thanks for sharing sir, comparing the life you lived then and now, are there any regrets?
My pasts were necessary events to bring me to where I am, I only wish the past was shorter, meaning I wish I found my true purpose after having a real connection with my creator early enough.

So leaving the past behind where it belongs, what are your present dreams and goals and how far have you gone with them?
My present goal now is to revolutionize the entertainment with kingdom principles by every means possible. I have been making far better headway in this now that I am saved than back then, we also have a platform called “CLUB AWESOME” where we recruit those skilled in music and arts for this revolution, and it has been amazing.

So being an artiste, what makes you different from other musicians/rappers?
The difference is that DR FEEL makes real music you can feel not just religious music. Plus I believe my genre is not limited to my faith, but I touch on only what my faith agrees on.

So apart from being special as DR FEEL, what makes you special generally?
Hmmmmmm…. I was made fearfully and wonderfully to be special and I am a dispenser of divine wisdom.

So Outside all the things you do, what else do you indulge in, like Hobbies?
Hobbies, reading, meditation, playing with my darling.

DR. Feel and His Darling

Any advice or shout out to the people reading this?
Many of us have dreams and goals, but you will stress, remain frustrated until you find out God’s dreams and goals for you, when you discover this, life becomes way better and your results become faster.

It’s been a pleasure chatting with you Sir
The pleasure is all mine


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